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not in our lifetimes powerman...what you're talking about is nirvana!! Its a bad few apples that have historically ruined it for the rest of us law abiding citizens.
Yes, I agree--but let me wax political for a second...

To us, a situation like that would be nirvana--BUT IT IS ACHIEVEABLE!!!

How? Here's how...

1. Coming up this year, we have the opportunity to fire a good deal of the Senate and the House. Let's USE that opportunity! Get out and VOTE!

2. I've said it before, and I'll say it again...pick a candidate who actually (a) comes as close as possible to our views and beliefs, and (b) WHO ACTUALLY HAS A CHANCE OF WINNING!!!

Obama barely beat McCain--getting a little over 50% of the vote. Can you imagine if everyone who voted for candidates who didn't have a snowball's change of winning, voted for McCain? Second, how about those of you who actually VOTED :barf::barf::barf: for Obama? UNIFY the vote, like the Democrats did in the last election. VOTE for a good Conservative candidate!

3. There are an estimated 85-90 million gun owners in the United States--a powerful force to be reckoned with. Can you imagine what would happen if ALL OF US drafted a letter--not a form letter, but one written in your own words--DEMANDING the repeal of the NFA, and GCA 68?

I would, however, like to see the following things kept:

a. If you are a convicted felon, no guns. Period. You should have kept your hand out of the cookie jar.
b. Keep the NICS check. It is a valuable means to tell if a prohibited person is buying guns.
c. Keep the DV disqualification. If you want to beat up your spouse, children, relatives or domestic partners, why should YOU have access to firearms?

Other than that, NO RESTRICTIONS for private ownership of ANY FIREARM.

Just my take on it...
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