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You are correct. IMHO, we (Washington State) should be working all-out to remove this law from the books. Owners of full auto have to jump through far more hoops than normal to exercise their rights.

Personally, my point of view is that if want to own a firearm of ANY type, you should be able to walk into the durned store and buy it!

Wouldn't that be just too cool:
"Hi. Can I help you?"
"Yes. I'd like to take a look at that 1928A1, please."
"Here you go. Thompson/Kahr just made a new run of these. See the quality of that bluing? And, take a look at this model--same one, with a nice high polish blue and extra-fancy walnut stock and forearm."
"I like it! How much for the extra fancy model?"
"Well, Kahr has a promotion on for the rest of the month--$1350 for the SMG, plus they throw in 2 stick mags and an L-drum. This month only--if you want, you can put it on layaway. We do 120 days net on layaways."
"Layaway? I don't think so. I'll take the extra fancy model with the special--and while you're at it, how about 500 rounds of Magtech ball ammo to go with it? I wanna heat it up today!"
"You got it!"

I still do like the idea of the NICS check, though.
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