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According to that, Powderman, NFA happy-switch stuff is flat out illegal unless you are an SOT or LEO/Mil.

In free states that don't care, it's none of anyone's business what tax documents say.

And in your state, WA, my tax paperwork wouldn't do any good anyways. Even if I have an NFA stamp for my (theoretical) 1984 manufactured, automatic Uzi that I acquired in 2007... according to the law you cited I'm not allowed to own it in the state of WA.

I'm not familiar with WA state law and don't pretend to be other than the snippet you provided.

But, in AZ... it is a matter of a private contract with a range you participate at whether you submit to any request to show paperwork. RSO's and such have no legal grounds to go chasing folks for tax paperwork.

I'm not 100% familiar whether any state laws in AZ allow for NFA-based inquiry by local law enforcement here. I'd be inclined to give him my driver's license and refer the matter to the ATF if I have the weapons and appropriate paperwork, but I wouldn't hand them over without a warrant. And I would contest the warrant... depending on if the state of AZ has any law enforcement grounds to be looking at Federal tax documents. Not sure if there is a case history of states subpoenaing federal 1040 forms or other non-state revenue tax documents.
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