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In the truck, I carry my Glock 17 (I call it the travel gun).

On my person, I carry a "baby gun" as my dear, loving wife calls it--an FMJ .45/.410 SS.

If we were only discussing derringer-class weapons, then derringers fall under an oh-[color=#FF0000]█[/color][color=#FF0000]█[/color][color=#FF0000]█[/color][color=#FF0000]█[/color][color=#FF0000]█[/color] category: fast, up close, and personal, something that can only do one shot of intial damage that can allow one to get out of Dodge.

The basic rule of self-defense is to survive the encounter--not necessarily unscathed, but breathing and mobile. Lick your wounds later. I have mulled over my decision to carry a SS derringer and have concluded that it may be all I ever need to get me to higher ground. Until I pay off the NEF .32 H&R magnum on layaway at a local store, the SS will suffice.

Lord forbid we ever need to engage in a moment of self-preservation that requires us to shoot another human, but Lord forbid we be unarmed if that moment arises.

It only takes one time of needing a firearm, but not having it handy, to get more than your feelings hurt.
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