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If it had been anything but a 35 caliber, Mauser/'06 family base diameter rifle cartridge, I don't think it would have gotten stuck at all.
The chamfer on the breech plug, combined with the longer rifle case and bore diameter, just happens to be perfect for a .35 caliber to go straight down the bore and wedge itself neatly in the hole.

It was wedged. I was not holding the cartridge in place in that second photo.
I'd estimate that about 30-35 pounds of force, and a little wiggling, was required to get the bullet out of the breech plug.

Good thing you pulled the breech plug instead of trying the ball puller.
I knew that attempts had been made, without any hint of a ball puller biting. And, I knew that multiple people believed they could see a case head way down in that dark bore, soon after the obstruction was discovered. (I couldn't see anything definitive by the time it came to me. The case head was too dark.)
Ownership, usage, and storage factors meant odds were in favor of it being an empty .45 Auto, if there was a case in there. But I wasn't going to take any risks.

I went straight for the back door. -Which looks like someone else had a go at it first.
(I'm glad I did.)
Don't even try it. It's even worse than the internet would lead you to believe.
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