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See ---- some people shouldn't own guns -- LOL
Yup, my 6 year old is one of them.

Rifle is mine, Frankenmauser was kind enough to post the pics for me.

Discovered the bore obstruction about a year ago. Put in for a muzzle loader deer tag, wanted to take the rifle out, see where it was hitting since I hadn’t fired it in at least 2-3 years. Pulled it out of the safe, decided to run a couple patches down the bore before i shot it. Ram rod didn’t seem to go as far into the barrel as I remembered, and sounded like it was hitting something besides the breach. Grabbed a light, and could make out what seemed to be a roundball (bore was a bit nasty from sitting, and it was hard to really get light down the bore, while still being able to see down it). As I said, it’s been a while since I’d had this rifle out shooting, but I’d never leave it charged like that.


So, out comes the stuck ball remover. Damn thing wouldn’t bite into the ball. Tried several times, just couldn’t get it to work. Sprayed some penetrating oil down the bore, ran a couple more patches down to clean out the dust and nastiness from sitting. With the flashlight, I could make out, I thought, what liked to be a case head. What the hell? Couldn’t be. But, damn sure looked like it. Had a couple other people look at it, and it looked like a case head to them too.

Tried penetrating oil from both ends, hitting it with compressed air at home and at work, dead blow, 5lb sledge and a block of wood, everything I could think of to try and budge it. No luck for me. I was in the middle of closing on a house at this point, with most of my tools packed up, and nowhere to really work on it. So, it got pretty much written off and put in the back of the safe until A conversation with Frankenmauser a few days ago ended with him offering to have a go at it.

Pretty sure my 6 year slipped it in there, either while I was getting guns out, or putting them back after a shooting trip, while my back was turned grabbing another gun. But, I honestly have no idea how it got there, or how long it had been there before I found it.

It could also have been my fault for keeping some loose ammo on the shelf above this rifle in the safe. Defensive/hunting ammo gets unloaded, and set in the shelf when I take the guns out target shooting. Usually just some 9mm, or .38 Special, but every now and then some rifle ammo that was left it the ammo loops on a couple of the slings I use, or that I find in the pockets of my clothes/shooting bag. It is possible I bumped the ammo, and it rolled off in just the right spot, and just the right angle, and ended up in the bore, but that seems just a little to far fetched.
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