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It's real simple. You follow the law. You deal with any social consequences later.
yes, I stated that in my OP. But I like that you added to deal with the social consequences later, true.

I guess my post doesn't really have an answer other than that. I had some time over coffee this morning and threw some random questions out here. I am, and always have been prepared to deal with the social consequences in a unique situation like this. I just thought I would see what others thought about this, forums are a great way to gather opinions from the community at large. I don't have even a handful of friends that CCW (only 1 other), so for those of you here getting to know me on this forum that might be an indicator on some of my posts. Once again, I want to reiterate I stated in my OP that you follow the law. My question was "is there a good way to handle this?" not what to do.

Originally Posted by Koda
I only carry friends and trusted colleagues in my car, all of whom know I carry.
you are very fortunate to have friends and colleagues that are all pro gun. And you beat me to my usual forum handle, I had to add a number to mine.

Originally Posted by Aguila Blanca
Your profile just says you are in the Pacific Northwest. Would that be Washington, or Oregon? Does your state require you to notify? If not ... what's the problem? If it's not required and you don't wish to do so ... don't do so.
... I live in Oregon, my state does not require me to notify... although I understand its the better thing to do. Scroll down to where I mentioned I was asked with a passenger riding with me..

FWIW, I have a spotless driving record. So please, no more comments about myself driving properly, you obviously have never been pulled over for something random or ridiculous and never speed. The last time I was pulled over was because I had a crack in my windshield and the officer wanted to make certain it didn't impair my field of view... really. no ticket. He was really cool.... and didn't ask if I had my gun, though I know he knew.
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