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Originally Posted by Koda94
is there a good way to handle this?
The law does not require you to carry at all.

My suggestion would be to not drive in such a way as to get yourself pulled over when carrying guests as passengers in your car.

Originally Posted by WebleyMKV
My personal policy regarding traffic stops is to not inform unless the officer directly asks me or there is a good chance that the gun's presence will become known.
But some states DO require that you notify, and that's what he's asking about. (I think.)

Originally Posted by Koda94
ultimately this is the best response. But there are times like I mentioned when I am with company that I'd rather not disclose.

over the years the few times I have been pulled over I have only been asked once. Its not a huge concern of mine, but the one time I was pulled over was when I was giving a co-worker a ride to work. I wasn't carrying but still and regardless. I generally do not disclose my personal safety measures with co-workers and don't think it wise to let that out in the open.
Your profile just says you are in the Pacific Northwest. Would that be Washington, or Oregon? Does your state require you to notify? If not ... what's the problem? If it's not required and you don't wish to do so ... don't do so.
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