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Thanks for the replies.
The reason for wanting the tip-up barrel is...I'm trying to find the perfect home defense gun for my girlfriend. She has a lot of trouble pulling the slide back on most semi-autos. A tip-up barrel would be perfect for her until she can get used to racking slides. She does fine with everything else, manipulating safeties, mag release, slide release etc., and her accuracy is excellent. She just doesn't have the finger strength to grip the slide firmly enough to pull the slide all the way back. (She can do it after struggling and contorting her arms etc.) Not a good thing to not be able to do in a self defense situation.

I know... she should get a revolver. That's the other option, but she wants a semi-auto, and I'd like her to have something with a lot of rounds ready to go.

If not a tip-up barrel, then she needs a slide that is super easy to rack. None of my guns fit that description.
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