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I like the LC9 (the couple rounds I put through my wife's), but the recoil does feel a bit more snappy then my Sig P238. I told her she needs to put 100 rounds through her LC9 before trying my P238. Then, if she wants to, we can see about getting her a P238. (I got the P238 for a smokin deal after we got her LC9.)

Also, I don't know that I would consider it a "pocket carry" gun. If you truly only wear cargos then I suppose it would probably fit in the cargo pocket. But, I don't like carrying in a cargo pocket. The gun tends to turn acrobatic in there and whacks against stuff as it's looser on my body.

Unfortunately, that is the only experience I have with a 9mm in that size and I would not try pocket carrying it. It would however pretty much disappear in a IWB holster and it would probably be un-noticeable for you as well.
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