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"This is OUR LAW. And to impose anything other than this on THE PEOPLE would have to be aiding our ENEMIES. Which I believe is covered under the judicial sections as "TREASON".
If some of the polititians were held responsible for their ACTS against THE PEOPLE, maybe we could have a workable CONSTITUTION."

More than just a little overly wrought, and not particularly useful.

The Framers, once they were done writing the Constitution, didn't simply kick back, drink some rum, order up some cheese steaks and go down to the corner for some bodacious Philly hookers.

They were intelligent enough to recognize that the Constitution, as many have tried to interpret it, is NOT the end -- it was the beginning, a framework that required FAR more behind it than 4 simple pages.

So, what you're really saying, then, is that those fine men, the creators of our Representative Republic, were patriots when crafting the Constitution, but the very second that they moved on to the laying out the US code, they became traitors?

What are you smoking, and can I have some?
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