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This is a good argument. Of course no right is absolute. No freedom or liberty is absolute or we would have anarchy. The important thing about the constitution that is so often overlooked is that the founding fathers were wise enough to make the law of the land flexible. Let's not forget what an ammendment is. A change or an add on we made. Times have changed. The founding fathers realized times would change and knew that they needed to make the constitution changeable. I'm no anti, but constitutional ammendments can and do change. No alcohol was once an ammendment. Another ammendment negated that. Outright bans are BS, but some places just have looser or tighter restrictions than other places. The constitution has to be interpretted. If you disagree with how your lawmakers do this, vote them out. If this doesn't work, your neighbors aren't with you. It doesn't always work great. It's actually the most unfair form of government, except for all the rest.
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