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I remember, some months ago, my dog started making some noise between 0300 and 0400. I quietly "shushed" her, and went back to sleep. She promptly woke me back up, a little more loudly, this time. I told her to be quiet. ZZZ...
Quiet, dammit!...and then, I heard the knocking...
I wondered why the police would be at MY door, as I couldn't think of anyone else who would be knocking on my door in the wee hours (none of my family is in GA). I apologized to my dog, and picked up my P-11 JUST IN CASE.

Looking through the peephole, I saw no-one, but did see a black bag. I stepped back from the door (far enough that it couldn't hit me, even if forced), and opened the door with my right hand, chain on, while keeping my P-11 in my left, pointed at the floor. Before I could ask who it was, I heard a

John! It's me!, and Spartacuses' head popped into view.

Sure, people can show up unexpectedly. I will NEVER shoot through at someone who is just knocking, whether inner or outer door. On the other hand, someone who has just put a limb through my bedroom door has demonstrated their ability to hurt me gravely, and I am, indeed, in fear for my life, and I have nowhere to run.

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