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While the Mega Arms debacle had left me wanting for a billet upper, I took my assembled lower to a few local gun stores today and "tried on" various uppers - all of which were forged. Some people may not have an issue with mix-and-match parts like that, but for me - I just couldn't do it.

So while sitting at the shop of an FFL friend and using his gunbroker account, I stumbled across a Spikes Tactical "Biohazard" billet upper which, looks to be significantly more badass than the Mega Arms upper was. And I pounced on it. Probably paid much more for it than I should have - but after searching about 500 other sites and finding nothing in stock, this one magically appeared, so I bit the bullet and hit the "buy it" feature." But at least I can now finish the build.

Not my photos as I don't have it yet - it's being shipped.

What I REALLY like about this upper is that the design on the left is specifically for the Magpul B.A.D. lever which other uppers tend to rub on. So this will fit PERFECTLY. M4 feed ramps and all the other jazz!

So, Mega Arms - while you STILL haven't started production on the line of parts as you had lead me to believe, I have become a paying customer of both Adcor Defense (lower) and Spikes Tactical (upper) and pending their performance, I will remain loyal to both as I probably would have with you...but your customer service failed and failed miserably in this aspect.

Also - the Spikes Tactical Biohazard Billet Upper...well, the design... IS FANTASTIC!
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