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Brinker I don't mean to start seeing who can mark the side of the outhouse higher but you really need to start researching before you post. all remington 1903s were made using the double heat treatment process, there are no non safe to fire remingtons. the serial number dates to 1943 manufacture, the single heat treatment process was completely phased out in 1918. this is not a drill rifle, drill rifles are demilled and made so that they can not fire and are usually decorated with chrome, not sealed in cosmoline to preserve the parkerized finish.

also Springfield never made the 1903A3, the only companies that did were smith corona and Remington. the rear sights are correct for a 1903A3. the long range rear flip sight was only found on 1903s, 1903 mark 1s and 1903A1, it was phased out with the introduction of the 1903A3 as the longer sight radius of the aperture sight increased accuracy, sight picture and was easier to acquire, also volleys were a long extinct mode of combat by the beginning of WWII.
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