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1903 Springfield

Hello: Your photo's came out just fine! It's the first straight bolt and not a sway back that I have seen. It looks like it was a Re barrel in 08-1943 with RA Army and the Depot stamp with the stamp point in the middle. It may be one that was single action heat treat. and the bolt may have been in the same catagory, of single heat treat. Springfield was the lead manufacturer of the 1903 and some other companys also made them, mostly due to high demand. I shot my 1903 just last week, and my serial number is in the 600,xxx mid range. I would say a piece like you own would be worth in the 1,500 USD range many purist collectors would consider it as a drill rifle.I might be worth more if it had the long range rear flip sight installed. The drill rifles get beat up and are not really cared for properly. Burial units fire blanks and very seldom clean the action or the barrel, You have a very unique 1903 there.
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