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The Security Company I work for started purchasing reloaded .38's for us to requalify.

I had a S&W 19, so the unexpected extra charge didn't effect my firearm.

Then the primers began to need a double hit due to what I found out later was poor seating.

I took 60 rounds (that is what we needed to qualify) home and disected them.

Powder charges were as much a 1 or 2 grns difference, unknown powder.

Primers were not fully seated, brass would wobble on the bench due to some of the primers sticking out so far.

I suggested that they start purchasing from a manufacturer, and they did.

They asked me the other day if I wanted to load some ammo for requalification, I told them NO! and reminded them of the previous trouble they had with another employee's reloads, they remembered and agreed.

I have shot my reloads in my firearms that they were loaded for, when requalifying but I won't use someone elses reloads nor thier firearm for my reloads.

A buddy of mine and me get together sometimes and buy bullets to split but we don't share reloads, we do share data.
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