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Reloading for others

Tadpole Starr--As far as the Federl Gummint is concerned, you are manufacturing ammunition when you reload for others, and need a special FFL just for that. UNLESS the other party supplies you with their brass, and you load that specific brass and give it back to them--Then you don't need the manufacturers' FFL. That's my understanding.

That said, of course you are open to being sued. Anyone can sue anyone else in this great land of ours, for any ill, real or imagined. (And, in this litigious society, a lot of people do!) The thing is, can you be SUCCESSFULLY sued. That comes down to, did you exercise due diligence and did you warn your friend of any and all dangers.

Every reloader has to decide about this "shall I load for friends" question for themself. Having the friend operate your equipment, under your direction, is one way to go. Still doesn't remove your liability completely.

Personally, I have reloaded only for 2 close friends, neither of whom would sue me--I believe. And since, have adopted a policy that I'll teach you to reload, on my equipment, so you can then get your own set-up and do it yourself. This last, cuts down marvellously on the number of people who want me to reload for them.

Most people who want you to reload for them are merely being lazy and cheap, and just want ammo of high quality at a very low price. If you make them go through all of what you go through to produce that ammo their interest drops 'way off.
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