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OK, maybe that's a bit loopy (and a bit snarky, sue me), but I'm not seeing the problem that universal checks are going to fix.
We get into a catch 22.... we say that we want better mental health controls/reporting and overall better State reporting into the system, but why if we don't think that we should have background checks?

I'm being a stubborn goat on this issue because I see this item as being the one item with the greatest chance of coming to fruition and the anti's are going to load it to the best of their ability. What makes me so sure of this prediction is MY OWN conviction that I PERSONALLY should do "due diligence" in ensuring that I don't sell a firearm to a prohibited person. This is going to ring very true to most "middle of the road people", as evidenced by the foxnews poll quoted earlier in this thread.

Now, if all that is going to be said has been said, then I will say "Uncle" and let this be....
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