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Reminds me of a certain cold-war object de' art I saw in the former East Germany in a museum:

Praktina FX camera, which was an East German single lens reflex that also had a built in straight-path optical finder. The camera was unmodified. Google Praktina and you'll see what I mean. These were very common professional photographers cameras in Eastern Europe, the best of the East's 35mm cameras.

The "telephoto lens" however was a single shot barrel, with an internal suppressor, triggered by the same camera mechanism that usually stopped down the diaphram at the instant of triggering the shutter. There was a simple smoked fiilter over the end of it, which shattered (obviously) when the device was fired.

The shooter used the optical viewfinder of the Praktina to sight the thing for an assassination shot. The barrel was specially loaded, I am not certain that it even used a standard cartridge of any type.



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