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Humm.... I would love to own a suppressor for my only threaded barrel 22/45 Ruger lite

BUT the wait and cost... and the fun I have..... forced me to just buy another 22 Pistol for cheap... a Ruger MKIII the owner only fired one mag in and had such a hard time with the tear down he immediately traded it away... grin...... mine for $150

I am currently searching around for all the bits to "build" a 10/22 rifle cheaply for the Exceedingly cheap ($30) 18" barrel I have in the closet

I have about 2 dozen various caliber rifles and hand guns... but for day to day fun...I poke a LOT of 22 ammo out of a variety of barrels... most always a grin...that is util I finally deplete some of the more DIRTY ammo... then a PITA for cleaning
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