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I was right handed and right eye dominant when I lost the sight in my right eye in 1985.
I could never come up with any kind of off set stock or cross over sight mount back then.
Now 34 years have passed and a lot of new things have happened.
My solution was to shoot left left shoulder had no issues.
Today I would try a AR rifle with a rail mounted scope or red dot mounted on the left side .
I don't know if that would work but I do know that a scope mounted in the conventional way can't be shot with the left eye from the right shoulder neck just didn't have enough adjustment to allow it.

I stopped shooting for a long time . One day at the skeet range I told an an instructor my problem....He said, "just shoot left handed " . I hadn't thought of that ! He placed my feet in the correct place and I mounted the gun a few times lefty ...then smoked the first target ! WOW...amazing and been shooting left handed ever since.

Handguns I just hold in my right hand and shoot with the left eye ...easy ! I shoot more handgun than long guns now days.

Keep trying different things until you find a way...where there's a will will find a way .
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