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Originally Posted by stagpanther View Post
Awesome looking rifle! I just "dipped my toes" in the high power 338 myself having bought the savage 338 LM LRH. And I have zero experience at anything beyond 475 yds since I always developed with hunting in mind. I don't know about the AI--but my rifle shot sweet from the very first load using H1000. One thing that is a bit of a mystery to me about this cartridge is the usual ELR baseline of 300 gr Berger (which I think is now replaced with the 285 gr as the "ideal weight") @ 3000 fps; I can't figure out how to do that without straying into psi's way above SAAMI or manual's specs; unless I guess that's the point of the custom jobs?

If you want to hit 3,000 fps with the 300s, you're going to have to seat the bullet beyond magazine length, and probably switch to RL33 powder. I am seating bullets almost a full 1/4" beyond mag length and not even pushing yet, as I am still fire forming brass to the AI chamber.

I'm currently loading 95 grains of RL33 and getting about 2,750 from the 31" barrel. In fire formed cases, I should have about 10 grains of additional powder capacity, so will be able to load in the neighborhood of 105 grains of powder. Pretty sure I will hit 3,000 without too much effort.
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