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Originally Posted by TXAZ View Post
There you go. There's one of the secrets of very long range shooting, a target that's more MOA than the MOA of the gun.

I saw a guy get a hit on his first cold bore shot with a new .50 he had never shot, at a little over 2 miles, IIRC, about 42 Mils of elevation (I think that's about 140 MOA). About 6 seconds after Boom, we saw the "splash" in the scope.

His target? A pond the size of a stadium at the far end of the property.
50 BMG accuracy is pretty amazing. I've had mine out to 500 yards with Hornady 750gr Amax's and that's nothing for it. Barrett warns you to be sure of your backstop because the round can potentially travel up to 5 miles.
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