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What does a higher velocity do for you?
Nothing -- the most accurate load is what I'm after. I don't shoot PF events. I'm not sure why you asked your slide mass question in the reloading section, unless you were thinking that a lighter slide would let you load to a higher maximum pressure. This is not the case.

Consider a second scenario:
You have two slides and springs selected to allow the gun to cycle, without slamming the frame, at the maximum SAMMI pressure. As you lower the pressure, the heavier slide will cease cycling before the light one does.

I'm guessing, when Springfield's spec sheet says the XDm's lighter slide will allow a greater variety of loads, they mean it will function with lower power loads than a typical pistol, not that it's some sort of +P.

In the shotgun world there are a greater variety of loads typically available than with metallic cartridges. An auto shotgun that will happily shoot 3-1/2" maxi-mags will likely falter when fed 2-3/4" target loads and a gun that will cycle the new super light target loads will likely be pounded by the maxi-mag. There is quite a bit of competition among the shotgun makers to develop auto guns that will digest the broadest range of shells.
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