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It's definately possible. The hardest parts for me were learning that first I had to setup 1 station at a time and then fine tune because the stations change slightly whe all are running at the same time. Also, you can only check a station with a case new to the station. The second time past is slightly different. Last, don't screw up. Seriously, when you are home brewing ammo, the chance of blowing your gun up and hurting yourself are very real.

In addition, you will need:
Safety glasses*
Optivisor or other magnification
Check weights*
Case prep tools, like primer pocket/neck tools
Case trimmer*
In/out neck debuted tools*
Tumbler and media*
Tumbler solution/polish
Good calipers*
OAL gage and measuring tool
Headspace gage
Runout tool
Powder check/lockout die. Might be straight wall only.
Case lube hornady lnl
MTM loaded ammo cases

I starred the items I thought critical. The gages are critical to me, but others would argue, so I didn't star. Gages are key for safety and accuracy.
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