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I, too, hate to rain on your parade but Mr. Wile's advice parrots mine.

I have the LnL with case feeder and love it but for my hunting ammo I still (more than 50 years of reloading) use the single stage.

I reload 223 and almost all of my handgun ammunition on the progressive but you have a learning curve to get through and the progressive is, in my opinion, not the place to start.
I know others may disagree but when doing hunting or precision loading I like the ability to easily tweak things and tweaking on a press that does one thing at a time is far easier.

Get a Rock Chucker or whatever floats your boat as I don't think there are many/any bad single stage presses out there. Learn what you are doing.
You can churn out a lot of ammunition on a single stage easily once you know how.

Anyway, in closing, yes I love the LnL but think you might benefit from something else.

Think of it this way- I did not buy my son a 400hp car for him to learn how to drive.

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