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IRT?? My apologies, but I'm no good at text language.

Anyway, yes; I've seen similar things on occasion.

Some information for clearification purposes, and you may or may not be aware of them:

When you fire a cartridge, the pressure forces the brass case of the cartridge to "form" to the chamber. When pressures start to get a bit on the high side for your firearm, you'll notice the cases start to "stick", rather than ejecting smoothly.

Different guns will stand different pressures. What is ok in one firearm might be a bit on the high pressure side for another even in firearms of the same make and model.

This may be the cause of your problem; or, it may not.

The brass used in the various manufacture's cases will have different characteristics. I.E., Remington brass is more rigid than Federal brass, so it's less "flexible". The load used in the Remington cartridge, in conjunction with the brass characteristics may not be well suited to your firearm.

This is not necessarily the fault of Remington, or of the firearm manufacturer. It simply means that the combination isn't a good match for your particular firearm.

So to put it simply, you're gun would be best suited to the Federal ammo rather than the Remington. Another firearm might perfer the Remington, while another might shoot either one equally well.

You just never know.

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