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Carl I have no doubt you can get a Kahr to run correctly.... eventually! I know you like to throw shade on people who have had significant problems with KAHR!

Getting one from the factory that just runs out of the box??? Pretty much hit and miss!

I had a 3rd Gen Smith that ran 100% out of the box in 93. I've had other guns since from several makers that would hang up on some HP ammo now and then but otherwise were reliable. My buddy had a Sig 229 that developed extraction problems with wolf steel cased 9mm.

Other than Kahr's jamo matic, the worst defective gun I've had from a name brand maker was a Colt 1991 that had a bad chamber blemish that needed to be polished out to run. Now it's fine but that 1911 wouldn't go through 2 rounds of ball out of the box.

My Kahr K9 had more problems than anyone should have to deal with in a $900 gun and I put many hundreds of FMJ, JHP, both reloads and factory getting through the "break in" with no luck! I know from other Kahr's people I know have bought, videos online and your own statements that Kahr's are not reliable from the factory. I'm now convinced that their "break in" disclaimer l is so they can make excuses for why they are putting out untested weapons and leaving it up to the owners to "fix" them or complain enough Kahr will take care of the issue. I'm sure they also count on many ignorant people who buy a gun just to have an never shoot it.

CZ, Sig, Glock, EAA, Colt, Bursa, Beretta, Kimber and Springfield all tend to put out guns more trouble free than the average Kahr from day 1! If a gun doesn't run right after a 50 round break in, there is no guarantee putting 300 or 500 more round down range will "fix" those teething problems. My K9 was still malfunctioning well after 300 rounds. I even experienced a Kahr cracked magazine follower within the first 20 rounds! I run aftermarket aluminum ones now for reliability.
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