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I'm not working from nothing, there is about 250 years of electrical experimentation before me...
It takes rooms full of electrical engineers 10 years to work out something like a common ignition module, but once it works and is dependable, you can use it for a TON of stuff.

I have a lifetime of 'Rube Goldberg' gadgets behind me, and some still ahead of me, if I'm lucky! (knock wood)

Case feeders aren't exactly 'Precision', the most precise tool I used was a tape measurer, and nothing like saving $230 to keep you motivated!

Same with a lot of the stuff we use, I'm using a cement mixer to clean volumes of brass, cheap, turns the right speed, handles heavy weight, dumps easily, line the drum with HDPE sheet (the same stuff used for flexable cutting boards in kitchens) and you are off to the races.

Case annealing is one of those things,
Flame annealing didn't do the job I wanted, so I looked into how the big places do it, scaled electrical annealing down to what I needed.
Looks goofy, but it works for my application.
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