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The more electrical resistive (Resistor) the material (like steel opposed to copper) the faster the material will heat up.

Since brass has a lot of copper, its slow to heat.
I use a much higher powered supply than would be nessary for steel, with more robust switching (and larger heat sinks to keep those semi-conductors cool) in production.

Its not nessary if you are running lower power.
One 'Trick' is to turn the power supply fan so it draws air over the heat sink fins of the induction unit.
Might as well use the fan to do two functions at the same time aince the two components are in close proximity to each other.

This isn't 'Rocket Science', its actually pretty simple when you break it down into component pieces, and the components are dirt cheap, often salvage parts,
Got any idea how many microwaves, TVs, computers, ect get scrapped every year in this country?

Microwave turn table motors work VERY well for case feeder power units.
A 5 gallon bucket, turntable motor, piece of plexi-glass from the hardware store and a couple of switches and you are off to the races with a case feeder that would normally cost $250...

Bullet feeders are a little more tricky to figure out, but mostly the same cost to build, and they often run closer to $500

Tread mills are everywhere, they will supply you with everything but sealed container, and they make INDUSTRAL grade brass tumblers.

Just a little 'Hacking' of other common crap, like 'Plasma' TV sets will often net you the high powered switching semi-conductors needed for high powered annealing, along with things like transformers, ect.

Some guys have no idea how electricity works, so anything beyond changing flashlight batteries is going to baffle & scare them...
The 'YouTube' DIY videos on induction heating will show a ton of components, how to wire them, tips on soldering things together, ect when you start out.
With directions like that, if you can put a model car together you can build the annealing unit from scratch/loose parts...
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