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I'm jealous. I've wanted one of those forever. 15-20 years ago, I won an auction for one on Gunbroker (I don't remember the exact price, in the $200-250 range), but unfortunately, my job disappeared just before I made payment. The seller was willing to negotiate an arrangement to cancel without impacting my Gunbroker rating (if canceling cost him any fees I'd repay them, I don't remember Gunbroker policies from over a decade ago so I don't know if I had to pay a marginal fee). It didn't take long before I kicked myself for that since I did get a new job before that $200ish would have made a difference. By the time I was buying guns again, the 431 alternated between much more money (well, $300-350, I'd be thrilled at that price now) or impossible to find. I don't really need a gun in that category (mid sized revolver, only 5 rounds), but if I saw one at a good price I'd jump on it anyway (the 2" .45LC Taurus 450 is the only Taurus I want more, if I can ever find one at a decent price again).
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