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I like the pump guns myself , but the 1100 is smooth shooting very reliable for years of service thousands of tounds with very little maintanance .
That being said a thing I have seen and have shown others many times is take metal 5 gallon buckes and heavy field loads with a Remington 1100 and Browning A5 at 25/30 yards . The 1100 will rock it back and forth maby knock it over while the A5 send it flipping end over end . Its a trade off there is still plenty of energy left on the recieving end but you lose alot for that smooth firing weapon . The A5 will recoil like a pump gun while the 1100 gives you a fast follow up .The only time I have seen a damaged 0 ring on a 1100 is where it was damaged during reassembley .
Sorry not sure I follow this, are you trying to say that the same load out of a Browning A5 will be more powerful than out of an 1100? Given that they have the same barrel lengths I just don't buy that, that's not how it works. Regardless of what gun you use, that shot is leaving the barrel at the same velocity. The only thing that would effect how it impacts those 5 gallon buckets is the barrel length and choke used due to the difference in spread.
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