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Should have been 2nd Gens. ASM was out of the gun business in 2000 so wouldn't have been making guns after Colt BPA quit making them in 2002.

Just a little more trivia. In 1982 Colt's listed their line of Stainless steel BP revolvers, just at the time when the decision was being made to suspend the entire BP line. There were a few 2nd Gen 1860s (1270), 1851s (490), and 1861s (8) made and sold before the end. There are also SS 1860s, 1851s, 1861s, and 1862s out there that were made by Uberti and ASM in the 1983 to 1987 time frame that were more than likely the original parts kits that were supposed to become 2nd Gens.
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