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Photos and Markings

Here are pictures. There are full six-digit serial numbers on the barrel, frame, and trigger gun, aligned just forward of the trigger guard.

The last four of the serial number is stamped into end of the backstrap.

There are no serial numbers on the wedge or cylinder. I'm not sure what Fingers means by the "arbor." I did not take the handle apart, so don't know whether the serial number is penciled on the grip.

The cylinder is engraved with the usual sea battle scene, "ENGAGED..." statement, and "COLTS PATENT NO" "PAT SEPT 10TH 1850."

The cylinder is also stamped with the letters "PN" under a circled five-pointed star.

The top of the barrel is engraved with "ADDRESS COL SAML COLT NEW-YORK US. AMERICA-"

There are no other marks or stamps on the barrel, frame, or trigger guard. It does not appear that any previous markings have been filed or ground off.

Any thoughts?

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