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Colt 1860 Army Revolver - 2nd or 3rd Generation?

I recently purchased a Colt 1860 Army cap and ball revolver. It is definitely NOT a European replica - there are no non-Colt stamps or markings whatsoever. I think it is either a second or third generation Colt ... but:

The serial number is 250821. My understanding is that the 2nd generation 1860 Army serial numbers only went to 212835.

I also understand that the 3rd generation colts were "Signature Series" carrying the signature of Sam Colt engraved on the backstrap. This pistol does not have that engraving.

So, is this a second generation gun (perhaps the run went past 212835)? Or is it a third generation that did not get the signature engraving? Or is it something else?

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