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Regretably, no. The AR-15s I own are both more than 30 years old now, and they're basically stock - the original polymer foregrips are what I've used since I bought them. (I've never had a need for lasers or lights, etc.)

I'm building up a project rifle now, though, and will likely go with the MOE option. While I may need a bit of rail here and there, I don't need rail fore and aft on all 4 quadrants and you're not the first guy to note that quad rails are heavier than other options out there!

Still, I like the look of your rifle, and IMHO the potential utility of the rails is something to be considered in an all-around Personal Defense Weapon. There are a few environments you could imagine where putting a light back onto your rifle may not be a bad idea!

Best with it, whichever way you go.
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