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When I took mine we had to fire 40 shots. I was amazed at how many people didn't know how to work their gun much less the safety aspect. People not taking the safety off the waving it pointing it in all different directions trying to figure out what was wrong with it.

Had a guy that was an aboslute moron. He pulled the trigger nothing happened, pull the trigger again still nothing. Turns the gun and looks down it. If that wasn't bad enough he removes his safety glasses and almost puts his eye against the opening of the barrel. Then yells at the instructor "can you come here this gun is screwy" while waving it around. Me and a buddy (who had already taken it was going back so I wouldn't have to go by myself) yelled at the same time to point the gun toward the target. Went off a few seconds later. Apparently the safety wasn't fully disengaged. Since he still had his finger on the trigger as soon as he bumped it the safety disengaged and the gun fired.

The time my buddy went something similar happened but the guy almost shot the instructor in the foot. The you had the ones who couldn't find the safety. Couldn't remember to chamber a round. And not to mention just horrible shots. I was pretty proud of my grouping with my Ruger .40. Especially since my grouping was so, so much tighter than the people with the target .22's.
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