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I'd really like to work on these myself. I'm no stranger to learning new skills. I have a couple of good smiths here local to me that I've had work on other guns but this is a project I'm all excited about trying myself.

I absolutely love these guns and the more I can work on them myself the better.

I'm very close to getting them to work, I just need some basic advice on what to do to the hand or bolt the get the gun the do something specific. Like Ive read that you need to take material off the leg of the bolt were it meets the trigger cam but where in the leg (as an example).

I'm thinking my problem is with hand but I haven't found any info on it as to how best to remove material or if it needs an angle or what.

A nice reference to an article on how to adjust these would be wonderful.

I have found a few videos on you tube but none so fare specifically on how to adjust the hand and the bolt.

If I take it to the Smith I'll be asking questions on how to do it but then I'd feel obliged to pay the man for his time... But I prefere to take it to him after I give up rather than at the beginning of the project! LOL

As to Dragoons for CAS, I am truely excited about belching out some serious BP smoke!
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