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Timing Dragoon Conversion

I posted this over in "The Smithy" section but got no help. I am posting it here in hope I can get some help.

Colt's Dragoon and Kirst Konverter
I have a brace of Colt Signiture Dragoons that I recently bought Kirst Konverters for and am having some difficulty getting them to work.

I'm converting to black powder cartridges because I'm shooting cowboy action and with six to eight stages that's a lot of reloading and less time to be social with the other shooters and I don't like talking and pouring powder at the same time.

My trouble is one of the guns will not cock and is locked up completely. The other is a little better, it will cock but only if I point the barrel down. It will not cock if I point the barrel up.

Kirst's site says some fitting may be required so I went in with eyes open and was expecting to do some work.

I've talked with the Smith they use a very helpful guy gave me some good advice and some things to try, but they are east coast, and I am west coast and Im one of the lucky few that still has a job. So it's tough calling them with more questions.

I'm hoping someone here might give me a hand.

I think the problem is that the Hand may be too long.

I took out the bolt and tried to cock the hammer and rotate the cylinder but it was still locked. So it can't be the bolt causing the problem right?

If I move the cylinder forward just a hair, the hammer cocks and the cylinder rotates fine.

Since I have two identical guns, I have moved parts from one to the other and the problem seems to be worse with the same hand in either gun.

By the way, the guns work perfectly with the original BP cylinders.

Any suggestions on how to get the conversions to work?
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