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Cost. The plated barrels cost less. However, figure the price versus the years of use and the number of rounds fired, and the cost isn't a real factor.

Accuracy. A plated barrel is "usually" a little more accurate, but this is only a factor on a target rifle where you're trying to squeeze out the last tiny bit of accuracy.
On a standard AR-15 the average owner will see no difference between a plated and non-plated bore.
Am I reading this wrong, or do you not have this backwards? By "plated", are you referring to chrome-lined barrels? If so, then I think you'll find that a non-plated AR barrel is less expensive than that same barrel with a chrome lining.

Also, typically, chrome-lined barrels are a little less accurate than the same barrels not chrome-lined.

My chrome-lined Bushy barrel shoots 1/2" groups @ 100 yds., with my reloads, using match (Berger) bullets. That's accurate enough for me.
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