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I usually carry my rifle in the woods, especially when hunting, so as to be ready.
I carry mine when I'm anticipating a deer up close ..... but when I'm walking up in the hills, I need both hands for the binoculars, which are more the important tool for seeing distant deer before they see you .....

However, the sling is not just a shooting aid, as you can also use it to sling your rifle over your shoulder when the occasion merits.
.... Once the tag is filled, and the animal gutted, I sling the rifle across my back .... it is much easier to drag the deer with the rifle secured that way ....

I like a leather, military pattern sling as was intended for the Springfield. I think it's called an M1907 sling
Indeed it is the m1907 pattern sling ..... I like TripleK's model 64a .... 1 1/4" wide (more comfortable in use, both looped up or slung), durable, made in USA (or still was when I bought my last one) .... under 50 bucks, and well worth it, IMO.
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