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I spent some time thinking about this, and here are my thoughts (probably worth what you are paying for it )

As for the safety aspects, make it real. Any infraction is a DQ. Then possibly an arcade mode where that turns all that off and you can do whatever you want.

When I first started shooting I unknowingly developed a bad habit of reaching in front and over the gun to reach the slide, thereby sweeping myself. It wasn't until an RO called me on it that I knew about it and corrected it.

If this game DQ'd me for doing it, that might have save a bit of embarassment (or worse). As a nice to have would be the ability to go back and do a slow mo to show the player exactly what they did to earn a DQ.

Watching the vids, it looks like a hoot. But the perspective seems off a bit, like the shooter isn't really using the sights?
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