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I think that is what it will always come down to in the final analysis. You find what works best for you using your dies in your press. You are loading what works in your rifle or rifles as the case may be.
When I want immediate neighborhood acceptance I mow my lawn or my wife paus someone to mow the lawn.

When I want immediate acceptance on a reloading forum I agree with reloaders that make this stuff up. Again, I can not find where SAAMI list case head space on their case drawings. I have found their listing for head space in their chamber drawings. And then there was that time I was reported to RCBS as being the one that said my Rock Chuckers do not cam over. Before the employees at RCBS became reloaders I contacted them about the press design of the Piggy Back and Piggy Back 11 attachments for the Rock Chucker. The question had to do with the auto advance meaning the shell holder would only advance in one direction. I had one that would allow the shell plate to advance and rotate in the opposite direction.

MEANING! The piggy back attachment will not work on a cam over press; therefore the Rock Chucker is not a cam over press because the ram does not bump when the ram is raised, if the ram reverses while attached to a Piggy Back 11 attachment the one way clutch will lock-up like a one way clutch in an automatic transmission.

There is no way a press can operate correctly when the cam over press is adjusted like a non cam over press. (To agree with those that make this stuff up) To be accepted the reloader must start by saying "I BUMP....", It is impossible to size a case with a die that does not have case body support; all of my full length sizing dies have bull body support meaning it is impossible to move the shoulder back when full length sizing; but reloaders inisist they move the shoulder back when returning a case to minimum length/full length sizing.

It is possible to shorten the distance from the shoulder to the case head when sizing but the shoulder does not move back. For me it is a big conflict to agree.

And again there are shims. I have been accused of voo-doo reloading on the shooters forum and the high road by moderators that are now claiming and recommending voo doo methods and or techniques. One of them on the shooters broke into a routine that started with; "no biggie...." and then did a cut and paste of one of my responses that he deleted.

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