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My Rockchucker has a positive stop. It's a lag bolt screwed into the table that stops the press lever just short of full stroke. Without ever hearing of "cam over", it was put there to keep from stressing the press linkage too far at it's furtherest down stroke. There is still flex, as when a die is turned down against the shell holder, then after a case is inserted the die/shell holder has a gap. Depending on need, that gap can be reduced/eliminated by turning down the die slightly. An example of this is to ensure that semi-auto pistol cases are sized as far down as possible. Another example is sizing down a rifle case fired in Military spec chamber down to fit in a tighter chamber. Reloading for differing styles of firearms/brands of brass, the sizing die is adjusted each time.

All these years never really understood "cam over", and still not sure. It sounds like an option some use.
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