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I've been using Wilson Case Gages for the last 50+ years to adjust my sizing dies. I have dies made by Lyman, Herters, RCBS, Dillon & Lee, plus shell holders from all of these manuf.'s. Using the Wilson gage allows me to use most any shell holder with any of these dies. The Wilson gage also shows when a case should be trimmed and by how much. They're well worth the money.

Lastly, blythely, screwing a sizing die down to contact the raised ram/shell holder, plus an 1/8 to 1/4 more will not work with all cartridges, RCBS' instructions notwithstanding. Several of my lever actions, for instance, have overly long chambers (long in headspace), and require longer cases than what is indicated by the case gage, in order to prevent head separation. In these rifles, I size to the extent that I can chamber the case, and feel just the slightest bit of resistance as the lever closes. This is sizing to meet a specific gun's needs. Here's Wilson's description of their case gage.

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