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Excellent idea! Blueprinting the action and getting a custom recoil lug. That hadn’t crossed my mind. But would certainly be worth the upgrade. Yes, the trigger in mind, is a TriggerTech. I’m certainly not going to put the X-Mark down. But, I’m also not 100% confident, in them either. People will argue that. But it’s my choice. I am looking at stocks. My 300 is a SPS. So nothing extraordinary. I’d prefer solid fiberglass and adding a mercury reducer. The problem I see, is that all of McMillans stocks weigh around 2-2.5lbs. Kelly has said they can add extra weight. As I’m wanting this rifle to be a minimum of 10.5 to 11lbs. This also leads me to question what was the main point; The barrel. Trying to figure out the right contour. Yes, this is going to be for hunting. Any advice on other stocks and a contour would be most appreciated as well.
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