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I was under the impression that the lymphatic system functions as a defense in the immune system rather than absorption of blood resulting from damage to external tissue. I'm not a physician, so a doctors advice is better than any shooters opinion.

I was once briefly a quadriplegic and thanks to an excellent surgeon, I made a dramatic recovery. I shoot some cartridges that many consider grossly over powered, 300WBY and 340WBY. I try to moderate the amount of shooting I do. I also read about and tried a a simple remedy for bench shooting. I took a new pair of long tube socks filled one nearly full of #8 lead shot, sewn tightly with heavy basting thread, inverted it inside the other tube sock and heavily basted it with the thread inside the other sock. This must weigh nearly 10#,. Placed between the butt of the rifle stock and my shoulder. This greatly reduces felt recoil.

I also have stared shooting a varmint type rifle, a Cooper MDL 22, VLM in 6.5-284. This is a ten pound rifle w/o a scope. The recoil from this set-up is negligible after shooting the WBY's. This set-up has made shooting fun again. It is also much easier to shoot accurately. Of course this is a very accurate rifle. The recoil in this set-up is less than a 308, w/o any recoil reducing aids.
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