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Thanks for that advice.I sent them an email quite a while ago inquiring where / how the firing pins rest. I did not get and answer.

Here is the email I just sent a few minutes ago:
Ray Kohout,
I have been waiting for the Double Tap Defense derringer to become available to the masses for quite a while now. I was excited to have recently ordered one with titanium frame with ported barrels.
However, I was a bit dismayed when I saw several Youtube videos that showed malfunctions and a double fire. Honestly, the thought of a possibility of misfire or double fire is frightening.
I have several important questions:
1- What percentage of Double Tap derringers are returned for repair?
2- What are the main problems that have required repairs for Double Tap Derringers?
3- What has Double Tap Defense has done to address these issues?
4- What can Double Tap derringer owners can do to reduce the possibility of malfunction?
Thank you.
Lets see what happens.
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