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Just a reminder.

I had my first squib yesterday. It was my only hiccup after a few thousand rounds reloaded. The bullet almost cleared the barrel of my 38 special smith and wesson, but not quite. Ive already got the bullet removed, and everything was handled safely, but there was indeed a round right behind that one that would have went off had I pulled the trigger. Just wanted to remind everyone that you can never be too safe, and that everyone is suseptible to a mistake every now and then.

The weird thing is, there was powder in the case, i guess just not enough, or some other malfunction. I could see the burned powder residue in the case, and on the bullet. I dont really see how it could have been a half charge with the way I dump the powder but It seems that is likely what happened.

Oh well, be safe, and happy shooting for everyone.
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